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Wayne Riley is an audio recording and post-production sound specialist based between Manchester, England and Beijing, China.

His work often takes him all over the world to produce music recordings, concert tour videos and documentaries for orchestras, chamber music ensembles and solo artists.
Wayne studied in the UK at Leeds College of Music and Leeds Metropolitan University where he specialized in music recording and post-production as well as TV/film location recording and sound design.

In the past he has worked with:

Ning Feng
Chu Yi-Bing
Sheng Yuan
The China Cello Philharmonic
Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra
Asian Philharmonic International Orchestra
Dunshan Symphonic Wind Orchestra
Wisemann Brass Ensemble
Beijing International Chamber Orchestra
Beijing Mozart Ensemble

Tel: +86 134 392 183 20

Phone: 0086 134 392 183 20

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